Eyelash Extensions

Long and thick lashes frame our eyes and give them a stunning expression. Also drooping or hidden eyelids can be cleverly concealed with long eyelashes. Whether you want a natural or dramatic look – we will adress your individual needs. At Skinthetics we only use high quality products and extend your lashes gently. Your skin and your eyelashes will stand out beautifully.

Mascara effect

We recommend to tint the eyelashes before your enhanced or dramatic volume extension in order to get the sought after mascara effect.

Frequently asked questions about Eyelash Extensions at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

During an eyelash extension additional eyelashes are applied onto your natural ones to create long and thick lashes.

First of all silicon pads are put onto the lower eyelids and the upper eyelids are cleaned with a special solution. Then, one or more additional lashes are applied onto your natural lashes. At the end the lashes are combed and the silicon pads are removed.

Yes, there are different techniques, which create different looks. During the 1:1 technique single lashes are applied onto your natural lashes. This leads to a natural look. The volume technique (2D, 3D etc.) creates a more dramatic extension by applying 2 or more additional lashes onto the natural ones.

You should not touch or apply water onto your new eyelashes during the first 48 hours. Also sport and sauna visits should be abstained from during these first 2 days. In order to preserve the new lashes as long as possible oily skin care products/ make-up  or eyelash curlers should be avoided entirely.

Our price list contains the prices for all our treatments. For regular treatments, we recommend using our cost-saving client subscription packages with priority booking feature.

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