Our Skinthetics Cosmetic Institute lets your skin glow again

So many of us wish for a radiant, pure and even skin. A natural glow gives us self-esteem – we literally feel comfortable in our own skin. In order to fulfill my clients wishes, I, Dr. med. Lucija Kröpfl m. Grittern, founded Skinthetics Cosmetic Instiute. We offer, in addition to classic cosmetic treatments ,also medico-cosmetic procedures for the face and the body.

Cosmetic Expertise

Every skin is different with its own strengths and weaknesses. Individual care with cosmetic expertise is the key to a radiant smile.

Cosmetic treatments from England and the USA

Through my international pathway, especially in England and the USA, I was able to research and train in many innovative medico-cosmetic procedures, which we now use in our Skinthetics Cosmetic Institute in order to make your skin look beautifully radiant again. We only offer procedures at the highest international level. A founding principle to which my entire team feels obliged to. 

Best skin care products

Regular trainings are a matter of fact for all us in order to be always “up to date“ for our clients. Additionally, we only use the highest quality products as your skin is our priority.


A team with a feel-good factor

My team of excellent and certified cosmeticians analyses your skin before any treatment and will discuss your skin goals. We not only focus on the face but the whole body. Only when you feel completely comfortable in your skin have we reached our goal.

Skinthetics Praxis

“What’s the most thing for us? Whenever someone says to you: You look fantastic and relaxed. And not: You look ‘made up’.”