So gentle that it gets under your skin.

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Facial treatments

Revitalise your beauty with a cosmetic facial treatment and enjoy a radiant complexion, clear skin and youthful freshness. Our staff is specially trained in medically-based skin care concepts (medico-cosmetics). With our expertise we  treat your skin using precisely the methods and products that make your dreams come true.


Long, thick, curled eyelashes make every blink of your eyes a bewitching one. Our eyelash specialists will give your eyes beautiful, uniform, easy-care, natural-looking lashes that are sure to turn heads.

Hair removal

Silky smooth skin means no stubble or ingrown hairs. Our beauticians remove unwanted hair using methods that produce long-lasting or even permanent results – to ensure your skin is soft, and remains so for as long as possible.

Specials for women

The beauticians of Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics are continuously trained in classical and medical cosmetics. As a result, we are constantly discovering innovative approaches that enable us to treat problems in a particularly efficient way. Like a typical women’s problem.

Specials for men

Though supposedly tough, men’s skin likes to be treated with particular care. While the treatment methods may be similar, the approaches and care products are tailored to the specific and individual needs of male skin. Whether you are a man wanting to look healthier or sick of ingrown hairs, we have got you covered.

Price list

Here is a list of all our treatments and prices. In the case of regular appointments, we recommend our good-value subscription dates with priority booking feature. Or give others the gift of a radiant smile with a voucher for a treatment at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics.

Welcome to Skinthetics.

What’s the most important thing for us? Whenever someone says to you: You look fantastic and relaxed. And not: You look “made up”. Natural beauty is the most important thing for me and my team. This is why we make sure that every one of our patients is treated individually and with the greatest care. We find out together which treatments are suitable for our clients so that he or she feels comfortable in their own skin again. And this is our commitment to you: At Skinthetics we can do so much for your skin. And in a completely gentle way.

Dr. Lucija Grittern, geb. Kröpfl