Specials for men

We generally treat our male clients with the same methods used for women. But men’s skin has very specific needs, which we cater to with particular care in terms of treatment type and choice of products.

At the start of every treatment, we talk with you about what you want from your complexion. We then find the best possible way of meeting your expectations. And sometimes we even end up fixing problems before they have been able to arise.

Specials for men at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics


HydraFacial for men

The patented HydraFacial treatment from the USA cleanses the skin deep in the pores, supplying it with important nutrients. The result? Skin texture in the typical problem zones around the forehead, cheeks and around the nose is significantly improved, and the complexion becomes even and radiant.

Classic facial treatments

Classic facial treatments

Men’s skin has very particular requirements: While men get fewer wrinkles, the ones they do get are deeper. Their skin usually has large pores, and tends to produce more sebum. Regardless of the challenge, the beauticians at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics will achieve a more even complexion for you.

Green Peel

Green Peel

Male acne, pigmentation problems or large pores? At Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics, we are able to fix a lot of male skin problems using a herb-based peel. After the treatment, many men feel like newborns, and their skin looks totally renewed and refreshed.

Laser hair removal

IPL / Laser hair removal

Sick of razor burn? Or even the constant need to shave? Scared of ingrown hairs? Waxing or sugaring not your thing either? Then place your trust in our IPL experts. Laser hair removal using the innovative IPL laser system will ensure your skin remains permanently hairless.


Waxing / Sugaring

Hairless bodies are often desired. Thick hair on the back, chest and stomach is increasingly seen as unappealing. Our beauticians remove male hair from all parts of the body, using either wax (waxing) or sugar paste (sugaring).

Frequently asked questions about specials for men at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

The treatments may have the same name, but neither the care products nor the treatment methods are the same. Because men’s skin and needs differ from those of women. We cater to this using special care products and treatment methods – from analysis to treatment to home care tips.

We tailor both the treatment and the products used to each person and their skin. So all treatments for men are generally specially tailored to men’s needs. But, based on their experience, our beauticians are also aware of typical idiosyncrasies: For example, men are naturally particularly sensitive in some regions of the body when it comes to waxing or sugaring. Classic facial treatments for men generally also need to go deeper in order to achieve an even skin texture.

The Green Peel is a fantastic way of removing acne, pigmentation problems or particularly impure skin. The peeling process it triggers gets right under the skin and starts to show after about 2-5 days. During the skin-flaking and renewal stage, home care is particularly important to ensure the skin does not look unusually dry. Men should also only dry shave during this time, and avoid things that cause them to sweat intensely. But no real downtime is necessary.

For treatments like the Green Peel, our beauticians will provide you with special recommendations on what to do straight after treatment.

Otherwise, all you need to remember is to use sun protection with a high SP factor, and to nourish your skin. It will thank you for doing both.

The prices for all Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics treatments can be found in our price list. For regular appointments, we recommend using our costsaving client subscription packages with priority booking feature.

Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics fixes skin problems using the latest treatments and products available in the cosmetics industry. But even state-of-the-art cosmetics have limits. In the case of special requests or problems, we therefore call on the expertise of our dermatologist, Dr Lucija Kröpfl. As a qualified dermatologist, she can fix many things at Skinthetics Laser & Dermatology that we would not have been able to achieve even with the best cosmetics.

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