Hair removal

Professional hair removal means we at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics are able to create smooth, silky skin free from stubble and ingrown hairs. We generally offer two different methods for this: Permanent hair removal, i.e. removal from the root using the innovative intensed pulsed light system (IPL). Or temporary removal that requires regular sessions using wax (waxing) or sugar paste (sugaring).

Hair removal at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics

IPL / Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an ideal way of permanently removing annoying little hairs. The heat from the laser destroys the relevant hair root, making regrowth virtually impossible and ingrown hairs a thing of the past.

Waxing / Sugaring

Our beauticians are also highly proficient in temporary hair removal techniques. When it comes to both waxing and sugaring, we at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics tailor the products to your skin type to minimise the stress on your skin.

Frequently asked questions about hair removal at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

Annoying little hairs can generally be shaved off or ripped out with a quick tug. Like all hair, they will then grow back. Or you can destroy the hair root using a special system involving a intensed pulsed light source (IPL) to ensure the hair never grows back. People with particularly dark or thick hair usually need more IPL sessions than others. The roots of particularly fair hairs are also difficult to destroy. The IPL system works best for people with dark hair and fair skin. At the initial consultation, we tell you which method we recommend for you, and how many IPL sessions will be necessary.

For waxing or sugaring, the hairs due to be removed should be at least 2 mm long.

For permanent hair removal using the IPL system, the hair should not be plucked, waxed or epilated for three weeks prior to the treatment on the face, or six weeks prior to the treatment on the rest of the body. You should also make sure you have not sunbathed intensively for at least that long beforehand. Avoid going to a sauna or pool 24 hours prior to the treatment.

The treatment duration depends on where on the body the hair is to be removed, and how thick the hair is. An IPL laser-hair-removal session takes between 10 – 50 minutes.

The IPL hair-removal system we use is largely painless. Everyone describes the pain associated with waxing or sugaring differently. Many people find sugaring less painful, as the sugar paste only sticks to the hair, not to the skin.

The more often the hair is removed, the finer the hair structure becomes, and the pain gets less.

For permanent hair removal using the IPL system, the hair needs to be in its growth phase, so that the pulsed light source can be specifically directed to the root through the individual hair’s melanin. As hairs in the same area are always in different phases of growth, IPL hair removal requires more than one session. But the removed hair is gone forever.

Directly after a hair removal treatment, you should avoid intense sunbathing, going to solariums or saunas, or swimming. Sensitive skin tends to turn red after hair removal, though this redness usually subsides quickly. We generally always recommend using sun protection with a high SP factor. For both hair removal methods, our beauticians give you specific tips on how to enjoy your smooth, hairless skin for as long as possible.

Our price list contains the prices for all our permanent and temporary hairremoval treatments. For waxing or sugaring appointments, we recommend using our cost-saving client subscription packages with priority booking feature.

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