Long, thick, curled eyelashes make for a more expressive look. They can also hide hooded eyelids. Our lash experts will ensure your eyes are framed just the way you always dreamt they would be.

Sometimes it only takes a lash lift, which curls your own eyelashes and lasts for up to eight weeks.

And sometimes it takes a little more to give your eyes that show-stopping look. That’s when we thicken and lengthen your lashes.

Beautiful lashes from Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics

Eyelash Extensions

Want long, thick eyelashes? Without the need for tedious makeup regimes? Our eyelash specialists will give you easy-care natural or even Hollywood-style lashes. For an unforgettable blink of your eyes.

Eyelash Lift

Got nice eyelashes that just need to be more visible? Sick of constantly using an eyelash curler? Our eyelash specialists give your lashes the curl they need for an expressive look.

Frequently asked questions about eyelashes at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

A lash lift is when your own eyelashes are curled back attractively. The effect lasts up to 8 weeks, so you won’t have to worry about using your eyelash curler.

A lash extension is when artificial eyelashes are glued onto your natural lashes. Depending on the volume technique applied, two, three or even more lashes are glued to each existing eyelash.

Whether you opt for a lash lift or lash extension depends on the look you are going for. We are proficient in various versions of both techniques.

A lash lift takes about 60 minutes. How long the lash extension takes depends on the desired effect and your own eyelashes. Allow at least 60 minutes.

That depends on your chosen eyelash treatment. Our eyelash specialists will give you specific tips on how to make the curl of your natural or artificial eyelashes last as long as possible.

Our price list contains the prices for all our eyelash treatments. For regular topups of thickened or extended lashes, we recommend using our cost-saving client subscription packages with priority booking feature.

If you wear contact lenses, you should take them out to avoid possible irritation. As the eyelashes are thoroughly cleaned at the start, you should come to your appointment makeup-free.

  • If you have had an eye operation, such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or LASIK surgery, you should wait 6-12 months before having a lash lift
  • If you have known eye allergies
  • If you have an acute eye infection
  • If you have sensitive eyes
  • If you have frequently watery eyes
  • If you have chronic eye inflammation
  • If you frequently suffer from sties
  • If you have artificial eyelashes

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