Specials for women

Our highly skilled beauticians continously undergo classic and medico-cosmetic trainings. Furthermore, they regularly exchange themselves with doctors and medical technology companies. Due to the continued training of all Skinthetics beauticians combined with their regular expert exchanges, the team at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics is able to address typical women-specific problems using unique treatments.

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Specials for women at Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics.

Treating stretch marks

(Pregnancy) stretch marks occur when the skin grows unusually fast. More than half of all women in Germany have personal experience with them. To achieve a surprisingly significant reduction in the reddish-blue or white stripe marks, Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics uses a Green Peel – which produces astonishing results.

Frequently asked questions about specials for women at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

At Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics, we generally have the same objective when treating both men and women: To revitalise their beauty. But women face different problems to men, and we cater to these explicitly, from analysis to treatment.

As we always tailor both the treatment and the products used to each person and their skin, all our services are actually suitable for women. But our female clients sometimes have problems that are foreign concepts to most men. So we find special solutions for them, such as the Green Peel to significantly reduce pregnancy stretch marks.

The Green Peel is a fantastic way of significantly reducing pregnancy stretch marks. The peeling process it triggers gets right under the skin and starts to show after about 10 days. During the skin flaking and renewal stage, the treated region must be kept dry. Our beauticians will give you home care tips for this, but no downtime is necessary.

For treatments like the Green Peel, our beauticians will provide you with special recommendations on what to do straight after treatment.

Otherwise, all you need to remember is to use sun protection with a high SP factor, and to nourish your skin. It will thank you for doing both.

The prices for all Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics treatments can be found in our price list. It also contains the costs of the Green Peel for stretch marks.

Skinthetics Professional Cosmetics fixes skin problems using the latest treatments and products available in the cosmetics industry.

But even state-of-the-art cosmetics have limits. In the case of special requests or problems, we call on the expertise of our dermatologist, Dr Lucija Kröpfl. As a qualified dermatologist, she can fix a lot of things at Skinthetics Laser & Dermatology that we would not have been able to achieve even with the best cosmetics.

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